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The LADC is a nonprofit organization intended to bring together by association, communication and organization, lawyers who devote a substantial amount of their professional time to the handling of civil litigation and whose representation in such cases is primarily for the defense; to provide for the exchange among the members of this Association of information, ideas, techniques of procedure and court rulings relating to the handling of litigation in an effort to enhance the knowledge and improve the skills of defense lawyers; to elevate the standards of trial practice in this area and, in conjunction with similar associations in other areas, to develop, establish and secure court adoption or approval of a high-standard code of trial conduct and courtroom manners; to support and work for the improvement of the adversary system of justice in our courts; to work for the elimination of court congestion and delays in civil litigation; and in general to promote improvements in the administration of justice and to increase the quantity and quality of service and contribution which the legal profession renders to the community, state and nation.

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Gold Level Sponsors


InQuis is a testifying expert witness and litigation consulting firm specializing in the areas of life care planning, vocational rehab and wage loss analysis, and life expectancy analysis. InQuis experts practice throughout the U.S. in both state and federal court and specialize in catastrophic personal injury, medical malpractice, products liability, premises liability, pharmaceutical tort, mass torts, and workers' compensation cases.

Contact: Jud Wooddy / [email protected]



Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC is a full-service forensic engineering firm, providing engineering support to clients in the areas of accident reconstruction, biomechanics, fire investigations, patent litigation analysis, premises liability, product liability, and tire failure analysis. We use the latest technology and industry proven techniques to provide thorough analysis and conclusions for the most difficult engineering questions. Our forensic engineers support clients throughout the U.S. Our locations include Tallahassee, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Tampa, FL; New Orleans, LA; San Diego, CA; and Tucson, AZ.

Contact: Iola J. Goeke[email protected] / (850) 583-5508



Silver Level Sponsors


Engineering Systems Inc.(ESi), is a multidisciplinary, professional engineering and consulting firm and laboratory capable of handling projects ranging from simple failure analysis to complex engineering studies, with 16 offices nationwide.

Contact: Stephen Schott / (866) 994-8315



RPC’s Louisiana team provides plaintiffs and defendants with IMEs, neuropsychological evaluations, life care plans, analysis of lost earning capacity, vocational evaluations, and medical bill analysis.

Contact: Athenna Dill, CPC / Case Manager / 512.371.8005 / [email protected]



 Other sponsors of the LADC:


Contact:  Christopher Dunyak / 508-652-8582