Expert Witness Group


The LADC is a collaborative community. In that vein, we created a network of members who are willing to identify potential defense experts or share experiences with experts. This pilot program previously existed in multiple incarnations in the past. However, the best method to disseminate accurate and helpful information is from member to member.

To become part of the network, whether you are looking to help other attorneys by sharing your Rolodex or add to it, simply register and agree to the terms and conditions.  The only requirements for qualifying is being a member in good standing with the LADC. Registering grants you access to our Expert Witness Community.  The opening requests for expert information (including types, names, qualifications, depositions or experiences) are disseminated to the Expert Witness Community through e-mail.  Responses are provided directly via communication between members which also allows the sharing of documents.

If you are a member, simply go to your Profile and select the tab "My Features." You will see a link to join "E-Lists" and from there you can subscribe to the Expert Witness E-List.

If you have any questions or issues using the website, please contact the Webmaster Sara O'Bryon, [email protected].




(Updated August 2020)