Practice Groups

The LADC has launched three new practice groups in Employment Law, Medical Malpractice, and Construction and Commercial Litigation. The plan for these groups is for each to be active in the CLE seminars, the newsletter, and on the website. The practice groups provide a vehicle for more members to be active in the organization and a way to enhance our legal education function.  They also provide a way for our members who have a substantial part of their practice in a particular area of the law to communicate and collaborate with others who practice in that area.  


We are proud to announce the initial leaders for each group. We encourage members to become involved in the practice groups. You may join the groups here. Please click on the link under the practice group you wish to join and register today!

Medical Malpractice

Robert Baudouin (Blue, Williams)

Adrien Busekist (Watson, Blanche)
Amy Lambert (Taylor, Porter)
Ann Halphen (Taylor, Porter)
C. Blair Bright (Bright Law FIrm)

Craig Robichaux (Talley, Anthony)
Dorothy Tarver (Taggart, Morton)
Doug Williams (Breazeale, Sachse)
Charles Schutte, Jr. (Schutte & Terhoeve)
Jeremy Robichaux (Beahm, Green)
D. Brennan Hussey (Casten & Pearce)
Donald McKay, Jr. (Leake & Andersson)
Joseph Lasalle (Watson, Blanche, Wilson & Posner)
L. Thames (Taylor, Porter, Brooks & Phillips)
Lisa McLachlan (Musgrave, Mclachlan & Penn)
Mark Goodwin (Mayer, Smith & Roberts)
Terese Bennett (Middleberg Riddle Group)
Valerie Fontenot (Louisiana Department of Justice)
Sheryl Story (Law Office of Sheryl Story)
Valerie Judice (Schutte, Terhoeve)
Vance A. Gibbs (Kean, Miller)

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Employment Law


Dorothy Tarver (Taggart, Morton)



Doris Bobadilla (Galloway, Johnson)

Debra Fischman (Sher, Garner)

Amanda Clark (Forrester & Clark)

Clyde Jacob, III (Coats, Rose)

Elizabeth Carmody (Cook, Yancey, King & Galloway)

Joshua Dara, Jr. (Gold, Weems, Bruser, Sues & Rundell)


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Construction and Commercial Litigation

Sharonda Williams (Fishman Haygood LLP)

Adrian Darcy (Shields, Mott)

Daniel Lund III (Coats, Rose)
Alex Saunders (Pelleteri & Wiedorn)
Mary Anne Wolf (Keogh, Cox)
John Hayter, III (Hayter, Reynolds)
John Stewart, Jr. (Baldwin, Haspel, Burke & Mayer)
Elizabeth Gordon (Shields, Mott)
Scott Mason (Plauche, Maselli)
Stacey Smith (Ayres, Shelton, WIlliams, Benson & Paine)
Terese Bennett (Middleberg Riddle Group)

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