60th Anniversary Crawfish Boil

60th Anniversary Crawfish Boil

The Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel is one of the largest state defense organizations in the nation. The meeting to plan the formation of the LADC took place at the Lake Parliament Hotel in Baton Rouge on November 22, 1963—the day President Kennedy was

assassinated. Leaders of the Texas Association of Defense Counsel met with leaders of the Louisiana defense bar. Almost six decades later, we celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the LADC at the Pontchartrain Yacht Club in Mandeville on April 22, 2023. The Box Office Giants performed.


Pictures from the event can be found here. Use password "60" to access the gallery. You can download any picture for free. Although it looks like you must pay, you do not. "Select Photos"  at the top of the gallery and then click the "Download" button to the right to download photos for free in bulk. Or click a photo and select the download icon on top of the image to download one at a time. 


60th Anniversary Reflections

Reflection from Past President, Harry J. "Skip" Philips -

Golden anniversaries are special times, and the LADC’s 50th was no exception.

Ten short years ago, the ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel was packed with long time members of the Association, many of its newer members, lots of former past presidents, board members and officers to celebrate the many accomplishments of this unique organization. I suspect that the founders were looking upon that gathering with a fair degree of amazement. After all, it is rare for any organization, much less a voluntary one comprised entirely of lawyers united in the common bond of providing excellent representation in the defense of claims against their clients, to survive (and prosper) for half a century. But that is what we did, and continue to do. Surely, the founders were pleased to see what we had become.                                                 

Being president during the golden anniversary year was a singular honor for me. Many of my senior partners and mentors had served as president, and the legends of our profession who set the standards for what we do were among our leaders and  influencers of the vision for the LADC. I was blessed to have the opportunity to work with many of them during my career and to benefit from their example. What a professional treat to be included in their number.  I recall fondly that “Smitty” Landry, one of our early leaders (our fifteenth president) made a special effort to attend the anniversary dinner. Smitty was the dad of one of our later presidents, Adrienne Landry Baumgartner---the Association’s first legacy president, who was taken from us far too soon.  Talking with Mr. Landry and so many of our past officers and directors, looking out over the assembly that night and hearing the recollections of so many long time members about their cases, the extraordinary LADC annual meetings and their relationships with one another, one could not help but be impressed by the caliber of lawyers who make up the LADC. (If you have not done so, take a moment to visit the list of past presidents on the website and see how many legends you recognize and, hopefully, know/knew. By any measure, they were and are leaders of our profession.

So too the many anecdotes about Frank Maraist, our legendary executive director, and Becky Bourgeois who managed to keep our membership rolls and finances straight.  For most of the first fifty years, Frank was the guiding star of the Association, keeping us focused on our purpose and always seeking to improve the LADC in ways that were responsive to the practice needs of its members. Everyone had a “Frank Maraist” story. Virtually all were humorous and could be shared in polite company. Legendary characters do not grow in poorly led organizations. Frank preserved the past and laid the groundwork for the future. He was the face of the Association to our profession and we see his influence in the masterful work that Bill and Dane do every day to make us better lawyers.

If the past ten years are any indication (and they are), it seems to me that the next fifty years will be as spectacularly successful as have been the past. Congratulations to our officers and directors who continue to lead the Association in the traditions, and with the values, of their predecessors. I am confident that the LADC will continue to serve our profession into the future with the same distinction it has enjoyed in the past.


Reflection from Young Lawyer, Laura Pousson - 

Despite being relatively new to the LADC, its members and leaders have long been influential in my life. Many of my family, friends, and professors have served the LADC in various capacities and brought their experiences to the table. This is why when I found myself facing the opportunity to join, it was a “no-brainer.” As a young lawyer in the defense practice, I am constantly pursuing development of my skills and knowledge in the courtroom. However, it has always been clear to me the importance of having a community of like-minded individuals, especially those who are passionate about giving back and mentoring. I joined the young lawyers board of the LADC to increase the quality of my legal practice and community outside of the courtroom as well. Plus, I welcome any occasion to ski alongside Bill Corbett again. It is fair to say that I would not be where I am today without the LADC and its members throughout its 60 years. I am honored to be among those individuals as we begin the 60th anniversary of this organization and look forward to 60 more.


More to come....