The Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel

We are an organization of over 1,400 Louisiana lawyers who are primarily engaged in the defense of civil litigation. Founded in 1963, the LADC endeavors to create quality CLE tailored to individual practices while educating and training our members. We have enjoyed spectacular growth and today provide our members with monthly updates on case law through our newsletter. We present educational programs and training throughout the year to provide our members with the knowledge and skills to be among the top litigators in the region. We are proud to be one of the largest defense-lawyer organizations in the United States, and to have been recently selected as the outstanding defense organization in the country by the Defense Research Institute.

~ Let LADC remind you of what a community of colleagues can achieve! ~

LADC Practice Groups are here! Sign up for our 3 new offerings!

Go here to learn more! To sign up for one of the new practice groups simply fill out the corresponding form. Medical Malpractice Practice Group form; Construction and Commercial Litigation Practice Group form; Employment Law Practice Groupform.

Sizzlin' Summer CLE adds on the 1st Annual LADC Awards Dinner on August 27-28

The LADC has monopolized on its most popular CLE by adding on the Awards Dinner. The Agenda is out! Click here to learn more and to register.


YLC 6-Pack: Fact Deposition moves to August 28th - Registration Open

The LADC Young Lawyers Committee offers its third CLE regarding Fact Depositions on August 28th as a part of the Sizzlin' Summer CLE. Please keep in mind this CLE was moved from June 18th to August 28th. These CLEs are offered using a new technology in order to connect New Orleans and Shreveport through technology. Meaning that these CLEs are open to as many young attorneys in the state as possible. Please visit our event page to learn more and go here to register. 

The Annual Trial Academy - CANCELED

Originally offering 21 CLE credits, the Trial Academy was to take place from July 30th to August 1st. However, due to lack of registrants, the event has been canceled.