The Louisiana Association of Defense Counsel

We are an organization of over 1,400 Louisiana lawyers who are primarily engaged in the defense of civil litigation. Founded in 1963, the LADC endeavors to create quality CLE tailored to individual practices while educating and training our members. We have enjoyed spectacular growth and today provide our members with monthly updates on case law through our newsletter. We present educational programs and training throughout the year to provide our members with the knowledge and skills to be among the top litigators in the region. We are proud to be one of the largest defense-lawyer organizations in the United States, and to have been recently selected as the outstanding defense organization in the country by the Defense Research Institute.

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This Summer is Sizzlin' - Sizzlin' Summer CLE and Awards Dinner

The LADC has made some changes to our annual Sizzlin’ Summer Seminar. This year we combined the Ladies Who Litigate as well as the Annual Awards Dinner. Come join us August 25 through 27 at the opulent Ritz Carlton. Check our event page for a full agenda and more booking information. Register Here!

3rd Annual Ladies who Litigate Spa Retreat - August 26-27

Combined with the Sizzlin' Summer CLE and the Annual Awards Dinner, the Retreat is still the best place for women to take a break without feeling guilty. Take your much needed break with the LADC and get a few hours of CLE to assuage your worries about working.  Come join us August 26 through 27 at the opulent Ritz Carlton. Check our event page for booking information. Register Here!





Light lunch - Spa at The Ritz



Generational Differences: Marta Schnabel, Esq. and Rachael Johnson, Esq.



Cocktail Reception – The Crescent View





Stilleto Network: Inside Women’s Power Circles That are Changing the Face of Business

More women are running major companies than ever before. While still far too few in number, these female heads of industry are the forerunners of a radical shift in power now underway. During the past few years, women's groups have been coalescing in every major American city. Formidable ladies across professions are convening at unprecedented rates, forming salons, dinner groups, and networking circles, and collaborating to achieve clout and success. A new girls' network is alive and set to hyper drive. This panel will shed light on this groundbreaking movement. Sharing story after story of women banding together to help other women.

  1. Trudy R. Bennette, Whitney National Bank
  2. Nicole M. Brunson, Senior Corporate Counsel, Ingersoll-Rand
  3. Simone Bruni Crouere, Demo Diva





How to Strategically Prioritize Your To-Do’s to Balance Work and Life

At the beginning of a new year, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about work-life balance. You may find yourself asking: How am I supposed achieve this balance? There are so many suggestions out there that it can be difficult to decide what advice to follow.  Place yourself in charge of your own search for balance and put a plan into action.  Get things done: it’s a common complaint that even after putting in a full day’s work, you still feel like you accomplished nothing. If your only accomplishments are the small ones, then readjust your goals and find balance again. Be responsible for your health and time: When making goals, be certain you’ve given yourself room to breathe. Don’t allow people to make claims on your time without your input. This panel will provide you with a few tips to get you started. To help you and provide advice on setting goals in the workplace, check out this interactive panel strategies that help you to get your to-do list done.

  1. Lana Olson
  2. Kaye N. Courington, Esq.


Total CLE




Young Lawyers Boot Camp - July 29 to 30

Learn advocacy from some of Louisiana's best lawyers, judges, and professors during two days of intensive “learn-by-doing” training at the LADC Young Lawyers' Boot Camp. Participants will learn to direct and cross-examine fact and expert witnesses, and make powerful and persuasive arguments at trial, pretrial proceedings, and mediations. Performances are digitally recorded and critiqued by our faculty of experienced instructors. Lectures complement participant performances. See the full agenda here. Register Now!

LADC and NOADC Joint CLE - September 29

The LADC is joining forces with the New Orleans Association of Defense Counsel (NOADC) for a joint CLE September 29th. Come see us at Walk On's on Poydras St. from 4:30 to 6:30 for one hour of CLE and a happy hour afterwards. Register Here!